Request for Illness Certification

If you are out of work due to illness then you are entitled to Illness Benefit as part of your P.R.S.I taxes

You can request the Med 1 certificate by emailing us at or by filling the form below.

Even if you think you might not get a payment, you should request a Cert as a submitted certificate entitles you to PRSI ‘stamps’ which are needed for State Pension on retirement.

If you have Covid19 or have to isolate because of Covid-19 contact or testing then you are entitled to an accelerated and enhanced Illness Benefit Payment.

To apply for this benefit, which is payable from Day 1 of isolation (as opposed to the usual 6 day wait period for other illnesses), go to Department of Social Protection website and fill in their IB1 form.

You must also request a Medical Certificate of Illness (Med 1 form) from your GP.

The GP e-Cert is sent electronically to the Department.

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